The story behind us

We build the toughest pumping systems in the world. Mighty Pumps are designed to pump more, use less fuel, break less, be easier to service, and last longer.

From our offices in Canada, USA, and Brasil, we configure, set up, and support the right pumping solutions for your work site. We are here to help set up and support your operations.

What are our goals?

Produce pumping systems specifically designed to excel in harsh environments.

Use innovation and experience to produce high standard products.

Client satisfaction and continuous growth.

How we do business?

We say what we are going to do

We do what we said we would do

We check to ensure that we did it

Who makes it happen?

We work with a combination of experienced operators, upper management and the engineering group for job pre-planning.

Our team is responsible for reviewing the job scope and meeting the job scope intent through the planning of efficient and safe mobilization, operations and demobilization.

Choose a pump for me

Use our Mighty Pumps app to find the best solution for your application.

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