DT3 Mighty Pump

At its Best Efficiency Point this pump is 78% efficient, which reduces energy costs compared to other pumps

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  • Performance
  • Pump Curve
  • Technical Specs
  • Pump Materials
  • Dimensions

Pump Features

  • Dewatering Trash (DT) Pumps move large volumes of water
  • Variety of pump applications including sewage, liquids, sludge and liquids with solids up to 2 inches (51 mm) in diameter
  • Standard engine CAT C2.2 Mechanical– 59 hp, also available in Yanmar 4TNV98-BDSA Mechanical- 47.4 hp
  • Stressproof™ stainless steel shaft with innovative Cycloseal® (Tungsten Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide) that increases the seal life by up to three times that of a typical mechanical seal
  • Oil bath feeds the mechanical seal with cooler oil for continuous dry running
  • Steel construction industrial grade, off-road trailer with an internal 99 gallon fuel tank; exempt from TDG legislation. Optional highway certified industrial trailer with lights and automatic hydraulic brakes
  • Protective Quiet Container is easily removable and reduces sound down to 70 dB at 28 ft away
  • Automatic priming system that sucks air and liquid at the same time. Primes and re-primes completely unattended
  • Priming system built with in-line ¼ turn isolation valve for flooded suction applications
  • Automatic start/stop feature for water level control
  • At its Best Efficiency Point this pump is 78% efficient, which reduces energy costs compared to other pumps
  • Heavy duty, massive pump shafts, purposely built for industrial applications
  • Optional remote monitoring with live updates that include: pump’s global position, engine data and maintenance log
  • Warranted by MightyPumps™, Cornell and CAT/Yanmar- 2 year, 2,000 hour warranty

DT3 Performance

Maximum Outflow
1,120 US gpm (4,240 L/min)
Shutoff Head
150 ft (46 m)
Solids Handling
2 inches (51 mm) Diameter
BEP with 15’ lift
980 US gpm @ 106 ft & 2,500 rpm

DT3 Technical Specifications

CAT C2.2 Mechanical–59 hp or Yanmar 4TNV88-BDSA Mechanical-47.4 hp
Pump End
Cornell 3NNTL
Dual Axel, Off Road Trailer
Sound Attenuation
Quiet Container / Residential Muffler
Fuel Tank Capacity
99 US gal (375 L)
Fuel Consumption
3.03 US gal/hr
Run Time* (1,800 rpm)
33 hrs
Maximum Operating Speed
2,500 rpm
Max Case Pressure
150 psi (1,034 kPa)
Max Fluid Temperature
180°F (82°C)
Suction Inlet Size
3 inches 150 lb Flange
Discharge Outlet Size
3 inches 150 lb Flange
*one tank of fuel

Material Specifications

ASTM A48 Cast Iron
Wear Rings
ASTM A48 Cast Iron
ASTM A48 Cast Iron
ASTM A48 Cast Iron
ASTM A48 Cast Iron
CSA G40.21 350W Steel
Stress Proof SAE 1144 Steel
Shaft Seal
Tungsten Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide
Engine Bracket
ASTM A48 Cast Iron

DT3 General Dimensions

92 inches (2,337 mm)
72 inches (1,829 mm)
141 inches (3,581 mm)
Weight (Wet)
4,250 lbs (1,932 kg)

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